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5 Things to Note When Starting Your Own Business

Starting an online business could be your springboard to success. It could be the best decision you could ever make in your life.

Truly, starting an online business can be very exciting, especially with the prospect of being successful in life. But then again, there is also a downside to it. Not that it should discourage you, though; knowing the downsides would only help to steer you on the right path. Here are the top five things you will realise once you start your own business.

1. Your business could go a in different direction.

Of course, you would have a plan for your business. You would want it to go your way, so you create goals, timetables, and deadlines to meet. But there could be roadblocks that you’ll encounter along the way. Don’t be discouraged, though; instead, find ways to cope with the circumstances. Making a Plan B (and a Plan C, and even a Plan D if you can) is always a helpful solution. If things don’t go your way, don’t give up. Adapt to the situation, and hold on to your vision.

2. Other people will mock you.

There will be people who will mock you, ridicule you, laugh at you, and tell you all sorts of stuff that will discourage you. The sad thing is, some of these people can even be your friends or family. If you really want your business to succeed, just ignore these spiteful comments. Paying attention to them will do you no good. Focus more on working towards your goal, and soon enough your business venture will succeed.

3. Success does not come quickly.

You have to work your way to success, and the road to it is a long one. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to work hard to earn your success. And there will be times that you’ll encounter failures and rejections. But if your attitude is one that never gives up easily, you’ll be on your way to success soon enough.

4. The path to success is away from your comfort zone.

Every one of us would prefer to stay in our comfort zones (which is why they’re called “comfort zones”). But staying there will take you nowhere. Have the courage to get out of that comfort zone. Doing so will open up many doors to different opportunities, adventures, and chances for learning and improving yourself.

5. You must drive yourself forward.

Running your own business can get lonely sometimes. You can’t always depend on inspiring words and motivation from your family, friends, and colleagues. Most of the time, you have to push yourself harder. If you feel a bit stressed with your business, hold on tight! The best is yet to come, and it will come soon!

2 Reasons Why You Should Always Track Your Online Reputation

The importance of tracking your reputation helps you make necessary improvements in your business to boost customer loyalty and sales. The best thing to do is always make your customers feel as if they are getting the best service in the world from you. However, there are times when people do not always feel happy with it. Eighty-three percent of consumers will make a negative comment about a company. This can greatly impact your business as the negativity can spread rapidly due to the Internet running 24/7. Once a negative review is posted, people from all over the world can see it at any given time. So, then, here are two reasons why you should track your business’s reputation online and how you can keep yourself “looking good”.

1. It Helps You to Constantly Re-evaluate Your Products and Services

The only way to move forward is to know where you were and what “roadblocks” are in your way. You need to ask yourself: “Are there ways around these blocks, or do I have to start from the beginning?” You will not have to start your business all over again; just the part or parts that do not work the same.

You will find out what the roadblocks are when you begin to hear the feedback from your clients. Another way to find out what roadblocks are is to do surveys. It is always a good idea to give your customer a survey after each purchase they make. That way, the more times they see it, the more likely they are to complete it. You can also give them a discount for their next purchase after completing a survey to encourage them to complete it.

What are some facets to your online reputation that are important to know? For one, you will need to evaluate any reviews that are negative. You work hard for what you do, and unfortunately, some people are not completely satisfied. They will write a negative review of your business or brand so the whole world can see how unsatisfied they were. And if you just leave the negative feedback alone and never attempt to find out how you can help that person, there is no benefit to you. People will see it and base their purchasing decisions off the feedback. Always try to resolve any issues you have. Respond with an inquiry to the person who made the negative response and ask them how you can make things better for them.

On the other hand, a negative review does not always hurt your reputation; at least not in the beginning. There are many times when you try your sales techniques, whether passive or aggressive before anyone knows about your brand or reads about it. Most people will not research your business beforehand and will base their decisions off of how well you treated them.

It is a good idea to build some rapport with people by talking back and forth with them before you try to get a sale. Talk with the potential clients and answer some questions. This will begin to give you a good reputation. People will appreciate you answering their questions and are more likely to purchase from you in the end. Make sure their experience with you throughout this time and all future inquiries and transactions are smooth as possible. You want the customer feeling as if they had the best service ever.

After you build a client base, you can continue to monitor your online reputation using any tool you found through your research online. Not one tool is created equal so look for one that will help you the most. It is a good idea to use a tool to keep track of comments made either on social media, or a rating site such as yelp. Keep a record of all those reviews and come up with strategies in which you can make things better. You never want to go into business thinking once you see successes that things will not change. What works one time may not work afterward. The most successful businesses know this, which is why they have been in business for a long time. You should follow after them.

When someone or some people are saying negative things about your business, you want to be able to react as quickly as possible. Should this happen, you can try and talk with the person and ask that the review be taken down. You also want to apologize for any wrong doing even if you do not feel that you did anything wrong. If you start to point fingers and lay blame on the customer, this will cause further damage.

2. It Helps You Measure the Success of Your Business

You do not want to always worry about the negativity that can be a result of doing business, but you want to also focus on the positive outcomes. It may seem that you are boasting but you want to display the positive comments and let the world know how people feel about your brand. This will help with future business.

You now have some ideas of why it is important to track your online reputation. Keep in mind; you cannot prevent everyone from feeling a negative way toward your brand. Depending on how you react to it and how you handle a negative review can help or hurt your brand now and in the future. So do your research and keep track of your reputation; you will be glad you did.


Improve Your Online Business With This Easy Method

It doesn’t matter if your website is the type that offers a product to your visitors or the type that renders simple services, you need a surefire method to consistently drive traffic to it. A very good method to increase your website visibility on Search Engine Result Pages is to figure out how you can start creating promotional articles that you can be posting to article submission directories, you can call it article marketing. It’s truly a simple method that you can use to start driving more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization, popularly referred to as SEO, is very vital because it is the best method to drive traffic to your website by making it visible on top search engines like Google so that anyone searching for a keyword relating to your niche can easily find your website. Article Marketing is one of the best methods to promote your website because it’s not just about SEO (getting back links from your articles) you will also be receiving direct traffic to your website from your articles.

When you start an article marketing campaign for your website you will discover how effective it can be, a well written article that is submitted to a top article directory can drive traffic to your website forever. Take a look at this little stats – If you can be submitting one article every 3 days to a top article submission website like EzineArticles, this will give you ten articles per month, a well written article can get up to 200 views per month and over 30% of your readers will visit your website. You will get up to six hundred visitors on your first month with this formula, the number of visitors you get from your submitted articles will always keep increasing if you can stay consistent with your 3-day posting routine.

Article marketing started gaining maximum exposure when major internet entrepreneurs began to understand the great advantages and benefits it can offer to their online business. News editors started frequenting article submission directories for latest updates and some articles started going viral in the process, fetching lots of traffic to the author’s website. When you submit a well written article to a top article directory, it can also go viral.

If done properly, article marketing will definitely increase the visibility of your website on the internet. You don’t need to depend on the services of an SEO company to increase your website visibility on Search Engine Result Pages, if you don’t have enough time to write and submit articles then you can get a freelance writer to write and submit them to your preferred article directory.

All you need to do when hiring a freelance writer for your articles is to provide your keywords and give them up to 24 hours to do their job. Some may take up to 48 hours but I can say it all depend on your agreements.

Actually, there are lots of companies on the web now that will help write your articles and submit them to article directories. In a day or two your articles will be visible throughout the web and your website traffic stats will start increasing.

You’ll also get a lot of quality back links from your submitted articles. Some article Marketing companies may charge between $10 per un-posted article to as much as $1,500 or more per posted article, it all depends on what you want them to help you do.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of article marketing without paying nobody, then I suggest you grab your pen and start writing and submitting your own articles to top directories. You can be writing and submitting 2-3 unique posts to an article directory every week.

Whether your website is big or small, you can always increase your traffic with the help of article marketing.

Top Business Ideas To Begin With Minimal Investment

For beginners who are looking to make a big impact in the industry, they should keep their mind open towards multiple business ideas. You may never know which of the business ideas may catch your attention. Otherwise you might lose many of the business opportunities without even knowing the potential it might offer you. In this article you will be able to take a close look on some of the creative and unique business ideas that will help you pave the way for a successful small business.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are having only a low budget to start a business on your own, then affiliate marketing is the best choice. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to begin earning money online. All you have to do is to link a buyer as well as a seller. If a sale happens, then a commission would be paid to you for the sale that has been referred by you. Some of its key benefits include cost effectiveness as well as free in becoming an affiliate, the seller and not the affiliate would be responsible in the storage as well as shipping, and the customer complaints would be handled by the seller. Finally the affiliate would be able to run the business right from the comfort of their home itself.


If you are someone who likes sharing knowledge with others, then blogging is one area where you should look for. But you should have good writing skills too. Blogging helps you to transform your business idea in to life. Once your talent is identified and you think that you will benefit from blogging, then it is just a matter of time that you start your own blogging website with the minimum investment you have. You should focus on a specific niche and should work towards becoming an expert in that particular niche. While choosing the niche, you should ensure that you can display your skills, talent and passion while blogging. Include a signup list to attract more website visitors towards your blogging website.

Email Marketing

Most of the large and medium businesses would not be able to focus on their main business if they spend much of the time on email marketing. Therefore they often outsource the email marketing services to other smaller companies. If you are able to create a better content to attract more customers through email or if you have the ability to create good templates, then email marketing can be a good business opportunity for you. This is one small business idea which needs only less investment. You can do email marketing from home itself provided a good internet connection should be made available. At the same time, you should be having bulk email marketing software with multi-user license since you will have to create lists for various clients.


Almost every industry and niche now is open to freelancing jobs. If you want to become a small business owner who has complete control over the decisions you make and also improved flexibility, then freelancing might be a good business opportunity which demands little or no investment at all. However while beginning a freelancing profession, you should ensure that you have more number of clients with you. You should also charge them at a very less rate in the beginning so as to gain their trust and references as well as testimonials which might be of future help in enhancing your freelance business. Once you have enough references and testimonials, you create a website where you can display your expertise to the website visitors and from then onwards you can charge your clients more.

Market Research

Most of the experts suggest those willing to invest in any business or venture to carry out good market research which can be either primary research or secondary research. Most of the businesses especially smaller businesses are not aware of the potential offered by market research. The industry is witnessing a shortage of market research professionals who are able to help small business owners with research of their industry and the competition along with the ways in which the business challenges could be resolved by the business intelligence solutions provided by market research professionals. The market research professionals would do research in understanding the size of the target market of clients and the type of customers who are more likely to encourage their business.


Top Tips For Online T-Shirt Business Entrepreneurs

The physical outlets are the more trusted ones because a rational customer always trusts the products which he sees. The quality of the products being offered online might be reliable and worthy but it is very hard for the online business entrepreneurs so as to establish good will amongst the customers. It will not be wrong for us to mark that in a competitive market in terms of quality, quantity as well as price like today’s it is not a cakewalk to build a firmly going online T-shirt business.

There are a lot of companies which have stepped into this particular kind of online business and have created a strong customer base and a niche for themselves. If you have ideas but you are not getting proper ways of implementing them and are failing in order to put these ideas into a proper platform, this guide will prove to be very fruitful and a perfect opportunity for you to put your ideas into proper fields. Whenever you start your business, competition is something which you have to face every now and then. A proper mixture of quality, quantity as well as the fair price of the product will help you go through it nicely.

When you start a business are two things which you should keep in mind which are stated below:

  • How to go about the shipping and printing of your product?
  • What shall be the USP of your T-shirt?

There are certain things which you should keep in mind while creating your online business. The key to have a successfully running online business are as follows:


Selecting a proper niche is the first step. There should be something in your website which should be responsible for setting it class apart from its competitive websites. You should focus on a particular interest group of people and thus create a product according to their suitability and interest.


A representation of your ideas which should represent your thinking behind the creation of the website is a must. The created design should also connect with the focused public groups. You should have a design which is all the more unique and recognisable. There is a website with the name of Creative Market; this can help you to make unique templates for your own site. You can also hire a designer to create a design for your website.


Sustainability is something which is looked forward to by a lot of customers when it comes to the quality of clothes which they wear. Customers always look for a warranty and guarantee of quality in their clothes. By this, your website will slowly be transformed into a wide brand name. This is because of an existence of a strong relationship between the qualities of the product offered as well as the product brand.


It is necessary for people to visit your store, go through the products and further place an order for the same. The whole process requires the need of setting up an easy and a handy platform. The order placed by the customer will be followed by the customisation and the printing of the design on the ordered T-shirt.


If you make a website and the people do not know about it, it is of no use. The fresh start-ups can make good use of social media like Facebook, snap chat etc. to promote their product. Communities can also be joined for the promotion purpose. You can go through a lot of sections which teach marketing and sales which will help you master this field.


You are now aware of the steps of a firmly running online business. You need to stay focused and motivated to carry out the transactions as well as keep the work going.

How to Improve Customer Experience Online

Personalization is the latest technology that the internet has granted markers in different businesses. Companies can provide their customers what they exactly require or offer recommendations on what they would like to have.

If you go online now, you will find that shopping has been made more appealing. Once you buy an item or search for an individual item more than once, search engines record your online activities. This information is later used in target marketing where you will be given suggestion on things that you that fit your lifestyle.

Questions to Ask Yourself

You should begin by identifying your target audience. This will help you focus on a more manageable group. To improve your customer’s experience online is “what are the steps they follow in buying products and services online”. This is a vital aspect of your digital marketing strategies in the sense that it will help you understand their needs.

The other question that you should ask yourself is how you can effectively use the information in their decision-making to offer better online experience to them. Adjusting your technique to fit with their journey is your ultimate weapon to success.

What are the steps in customer’s decision making?

Brand Recognition

Potential customers need to recognize your brand before they can visit your site. You should take your time to create awareness for your business by investing in advertising campaigns. Find out what other brands in your niche are doing to create awareness to their customers. Learn from their strategies and strive to find how to be better by using unique techniques.

How familiar are you with them?

Knowing how to make your customers familiar to your line of business can be a challenge. However, you can effectively make them familiar with creating an interactive environment. Here, you can use your social media platforms to showcase your products and services. Employ tailored messaging and content marketing to help you introduce your customers to the brand. This will make them feel welcomed and want to know more.

Feeling at Home

Consideration is the one thing you should focus on to improve the consumer experience. Once your customers are familiar with your product, they would wish to see how you cater for their needs. Making them feel at home and considered will go a long way to building your brand. Torture them with attention and kindness by giving them a chance to ask questions and get sample tests on products. This will make them come for more next time.

Buying your products and becoming loyal customers

This is the last stage in consumer’s decision-making process. This is where they decide to buy your products and buy more in future from your brand. Once your strategy is working and you are landing more customers, continue using it. Also, look for reviews and feedback from customers for improvement and advancement.

Difference Between An Application And A Mobile Website

If you want to establish a mobile presence for your organization or business, among the first considerations that will likely to remember is if you want to create a mobile application for users to download or perhaps a mobile website. These might look very similar at first, and knowing which is most suitable to your needs will greatly depend on different factors. These will include your budget, target audiences, required features, and intended purpose.

A Mobile Website Vs. An Application

It is very important for you to fully understand the key differences between a mobile website and an app. Both can be accessed on a handheld device like a tablet or a smartphone.

A mobile website is somewhat the same with any other website that has browser-based HTML pages linked together and can be accessed over the Internet. What differentiates it from a standard one is the fact that it is meant for the smaller handheld display along with those with touch-screen interfaces. It can indeed display text content, images, data, and video. Also, they can give access to mobile-specific features like click-to-call or location-based mapping.

Applications, on the contrary, are downloaded and installed on your mobile device instead of just being rendered in a browser. They may pull content and data from the Internet or the content may be downloaded so can get accessed to it even without an internet connection.

Which Is Better?

If you are deciding whether to build a mobile website or a native app, the right choice will greatly depend on your end goals. An app can be the best option to develop an interactive game. But if your main goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to the plenty of users, a mobile website is surely the best way to go. There are some cases where you might need to invest in both.

Experts highly emphasized that a mobile website must by your initial step when it comes to developing an excellent mobile web presence. On the other hand, an app is very useful for creating an application for a specific purpose which can’t be efficiently accomplished through a web browser.

The web vs. app question remains to be a very real consideration for businesses wanting to establish a mobile presence if mobile remains a new frontier. Weighing which of these two can greatly benefit your business is very crucial. This way, you are sure that you are making the right move to ensure the success of your business.

3 Hit Tactics to Make Your Online Business a Success

Online business has grabbed a lot of attention in the recent years. A lot of brands have started acknowledging the power of online business. They are working actively to be a part of this ever changing business world. The perfect combo of both, online and offline business, gives any business an edge over their competitors.

Here are a few tips to make your online venture worthwhile and make it a success story as well…

Always prioritize your first impression

We have heard this phrase many a times, “First impression is the last impression” and it turns out to be true for online businesses. If you want to create an impact in the market, you need to work on upon your online presence first. Your website serves as the online platform and acts as the face of your business. You cannot afford to go wrong on this first step of your online business venture.

According to experts, your website design should be simple and navigation friendly to convene your visitors and at the same time,it should be attractive enough to generate interest to explore further. The combination of both has always proved its credentials in the past and would continue to do so as well.

Another important aspect of modern times is to make your website design responsive in order to make it easily accessible through a variety of devices available at the user’s disposal.

Content would always play a decisive role

No matter what business you are in, the content marketing is always going to be there as a driving force behind your online marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, getting more organic traffic to your site and every other key goals, you want to achieve for your business.

When we say “good content”, that means a content which is grammatically sound, relevant to the users and is ideally designed to sync in well with the search engines like Google

Never underestimate the power of social media

Social media platforms have taken the world as a storm and every business wants to utilize it to the utmost level for a better outcome; especially when it comes to designing marketing campaigns.

There are multiple social media platforms and you need to choose one, which is ideal for your business and wherein, you may find your potential customers. One of the key advantages of using social media platforms for your marketing campaigns is the fact that it is cheaper as compared to the traditional marketing channels.

How To Share Your Content To Attract More Customers

Nowadays, to grow an audience on social media, it goes beyond posting information about your business or commenting on other posts. It is crucial for to have a proper sharing schedule that can help you double your traffic and provide valuable information to your audience.

The main things to look at are:

• Where to share?

• What to share?

• When to share?

There are many social platforms, but it is impossible to share on each and every network unless you have a large team working with you. In this case, you should focus on specific platforms.

Target your audience and find out where they spend most of their time. Like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once you have narrowed down the platform, now you can focus on the sharing plan. You need a different approach for each platform as Facebook is entirely different from Twitter so try different approaches.

Now that you have figured out where you want to share, it is time to see what to share.

A good approach is to share mixed content instead of focusing on only one type of content. Instead of promotional updates, provide a service or entertainment so your audience can engage with your content. Give the people content that they can share across with their contacts. Also, focus on if you want to share an evergreen content or time sensitive one. If you want to do both, then schedule each type accordingly.

Now it is time to see how you want to relay your content to your audience. Here are a few things you can think about:

• Voice

• Type

Links, images, GIFs, etc. there are so many ways you can share your content. Find out what best suits you and do it.

• Update

Do not repeat the same image or quote twice in one day as it might bore your audience. Share a picture first and then a quote related to it etc.

Once you have decided the type of information, where to share it and how to share it, draw a schedule that shows when to share your content. Consider the following;

• Frequency: It mostly depends on your audience’s response so manage your sharing frequency accordingly.

• Create a calendar: Do this so you can keep on track and outline time events.

• Testing: Share your content on various times/days and find out what best suits your audience.

• Analyze: See when most of your audience is online and post accordingly.

• Adjust: Set your times according to the time your audience gave the most response.

Having a comprehensive strategy of sharing your brand information in the social media can help your site to attract more customers.


Why I Do What I Do!

Over the years many people have asked me why I do what I do. Even now, people ask me that very question. It seems like everybody I talk to sooner or later wants to know why I spend so much of my awake time creating, designing, researching, writing, and working.

To be completely honest, I’ve asked myself that same question many times.

Which is why I decided to sit down tonight and tell you why I have given up many of my days and much of my time when my family and/or friends were out enjoying a day of shopping at the mall, or having a blast swimming at the beach.

And the only answer I have is this – I Truly Love What I Do.

As lame as it may sound, it is the driving force of my energy and enthusiasm, no matter how annoying the tasks are or the problems that I find myself facing. I figured out a long time ago that I am one of the very few lucky ones that is able to combine work and pleasure.

You see, for me, my website and my freelancing services in general is a passion. I have a burning desire to help, encourage, inspire, and motivate others to go after what they want in life and become successful in their business, whether it’s online or offline.

I spend a lot of my time, designing my websites, placing advertisements, editing and writing articles, etc… because I Truly Love What I Do.

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me again about how I can sit and work for hours upon hours, go to sleep, wake up, and do it all again. I explained to her that because I am so passionate about what I do that I don’t consider anything I do work at all and it’s like somebody is paying me for doing things that I enjoy and I love.

Many people today, struggle to find their passion and purpose in life, but I honestly believe that once they do figure out what their purpose in life is and their true passion and begin living it on a daily basis, they will have more than enough ambition and energy to succeed.

So, if you are having problems with your business, your job, and/or your life in general, take a moment to sit down, pray and/or think about what you are passionate about. It might be teaching children, taking care of pets, writing short stories, training horses, or talking to people. Whatever it is, grab a hold of it.

Because the very moment you do and you can spend your awake hours doing something you love, you’ll have all the ambition you will ever need to become successful. Not to mention, that you’ll be able to earn some money at the same time. What more could you ask for? Never mind. Forget I asked that!

Tanya Green

I Believe in being happy and spreading happiness. There are many things in life that provide inspiration – helping and seeing people accomplish great things.

Seeing them overcome adversity, hearing inspirational quotes from great people. Even the sheer beauty of nature can remind me just how lucky I am to be alive and how great our lord.